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Q: What does NSBE stand for?
A: NSBE is an acronym that stands for the National Society of Black Engineers.

Q: Where is the National Website?
A: Visit the National Website by clicking here

Q: Can I still join even if I am not African American? 
A: This a very commonly asked question and the answer is yes, every ethniticity is welcomed! We don't discriminate.

Q: Is NSBE-UCF involved in the community?
A: Yes, NSBE-UCF is heavily involved in community service. Our biggest service event of the year is A Walk for Education, which is held every Spring. We give out school supplies, hold workshops, get local corporations involved, and host other activities to raise awareness to youth about staying in school and pursuing their education.

Q: How often are General Body Meetings (GBMs)?
A: General Body Meetings are currently bi-weekly, but are subject to change so please follow us on our social media sites or simply go to the 'Events' section here on our website to stay up to date.

Q: What does the NSBE symbol represent?
A: The NSBE Torch symbolizes our everlasting burning desire to achieve success as engineers in our present society. The lightning bolts represent the striking impact that will be felt upon society and industry as a result of the contributions and achievements made by the National Society of Black Engineers. 
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